Sharps Mailback System


Comprehensive systems for collecting sharps, used healthcare materials and other small quantities of medical waste. Each system includes a collection containers (or multiple containers), prepaid return box with packaging materials and proper treatment. Proof of treatment is available via SharpsTracer.

Pharmaceutical Waste

Complete systems for collecting, returning and proper destruction of pharmaceutical waste. We provide systems for ultimate user unused medication disposal and DEA registrant disposal. All systems include prepaid return shipping (or mailing) and proper destruction.

Universal Waste

Universal Waste are widely generated waste (fluorescent bulbs, batteries and devices containing mercury) in which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reduced the regulatory requirements to encourage proper treatment. Systems include containment, prepaid return shipping and treatment.

Public Safety Solutions

We offer several sharps collection systems for public sharps disposal. Our 1.5-Quart Sharps Secure and the Coviden® 5-Quart Systems are ideal for restrooms in areas with heavy traffic such as airports, malls and hotels. Additionally, we provide spill kits to clean, disinfect and return potentially infectious waste.

Pitch-It IV Poles

Pitch-It IV Poles are ideal for home healthcare/infusion providers. Our IV poles are lightweight, 100% recyclable and affordable. When therapy is complete, Pitch-It IV Poles collapse for easy storage or can be thrown in the recycle bin for environmentally friendly disposal.

Containers, Mounts & Other

Ancillary products that include wall mounts and brackets for containers, collection container dolly, sharps transport tubes, scoop cones and more. We also sell sharps containers (non-mailback) by the case quantity and RCRA collection containers.