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Hazardous Drug Spill Control Kit with Pail

SKU: 50081


Get in compliance with USP <800> with one easy solution!
The Hazardous Drug Spill Control Kit is for the safe cleanup and disposal of spilled chemotherapy and other hazardous drugs.

Compounding pharmacies and other healthcare facilities that handle HDs must have USP <800> compliant spill kits on-site. This requirement is part of USP General Chapter 800 and is an effort to protect workers in the event of accidental spills of HDs.


Be prepared for USP <800> with a cost-effective solution.

This base-level kit contains the minimum components required by USP <800> to clean up an HD spill:

• Absorbent powder• Absorbent pad• Chemosorb pad
• Chemo-bio wipe• Antiseptic towel• Hazardous waste chemo drug liner
• Safety goggles• N95 respirator mask• Shoe covers
• Hair and beard cover• ChemoPlus gown and gloves• Hazardous waste summary sheet
• Scraper/scooper• Hazardous drug exposure form• Caution sign
• Pail (optional)