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Dental Amalgam Recycling System - 2 Gallon

SKU: 949062


Dental Amalgam Recycling System contains everything required to safely recycle dental amalgam and certain other dental waste, properly package it for shipping, and return for recycling via FedEx.


Each system consists of an inner and an outer pail. The inner 0.5-gallon pail is designed to be used for the shipment of “wet” amalgam wastes, such as dental amalgam, waste contact amalgam, amalgam sludge, vacuum pump filters, side chair traps, and/or extracted teeth. This 0.5-gallon pail must be placed into the larger pail (2-gallon or 5-gallon) for shipment. The larger, outer pail is for “dry” dental wastes, like lead x-ray foil, non-contact amalgam, and empty plastic vials. Inline filter cartridges may also be placed into the 5-gallon pail.

Dental waste kits are not intended for use in Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Puerto Rico, or territories of the United States.